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Thacha L-2 Midweight Softshell Balaclava

Introducing the Thacha L-2 Midweight Softshell Balaclava, specifically designed for hunters who require both stealth and warmth.

Key Features:

Silent Soft-Shell Exterior: Move quietly through any environment thanks to the soft-shell exterior.

Moisture-Wicking Poly Liner: The interior poly liner wicks moisture away, keeping you dry and focused.

Windproof & Water Resistant: Weather won't be an issue. This balaclava is designed to keep you protected against the elements.

With its performance-focused features, the Thacha L-2 Midweight Softshell Balaclava is an indispensable part of your hunting gear. Stay warm, dry, and focused on your target.
SKU: MA0008-BL