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Thacha L-2 Midweight Fleece Glove

Introducing the Thacha L-2 Midweight Fleece Glove, designed for hunters who seek quality and comfort while in the field.

Key Features:

Midweight Micro Fleece: Made with midweight micro fleece, these gloves offer the warmth you need without sacrificing dexterity. Ideal for those colder hunting days.

Interior Warmth Management Grid: The gloves are lined with an interior warmth management grid, ensuring superior heat retention without added bulk. Keep your fingers nimble and warm for that crucial moment.

Windproof & Water Resistant: Weather won't compromise your performance with these gloves. They are windproof and water-resistant, making them perfect for any condition you face while hunting.

These gloves are more than just an accessory; they're an essential part of your hunting gear. Designed to keep you warm and protected, the Thacha L-2 Midweight Fleece Glove helps you maintain your edge in the wild.